About Us

Cocktail Vultures is devoted to giving readers the confidence to mix drinks at home and beyond.

We want to create a website that provides readers with illustrations of the working cocktail landscape, as a way of teaching them how to optimize output according to their particular circumstances and preferences.

We will share some of our favorite recipes for mixed drinks, both well known and lesser known, to dispel any myths and voodoo surrounding cocktail making. We will teach readers how to adapt to limitations by providing a framework for adaptation and substitution, and give them recipes for homemade ingredients such as syrups and infusions. We will also offer advice on how to pimp out drinks, as well as how to wing it when necessary.

We want our readers to have the power to clearly understand how any drink relates or compares to any other, and we will show them how to create a home bar setup that is optimized for them. Furthermore, we will provide them with waste and money saving advice, as well as ways to incorporate seasonality into their cocktails.

We also want to equip our readers with the know-how to create their own clarity and understanding, and to use variations on a theme to help expand their knowledge. We look to do this by incorporating visuals into the website that convey large amounts of data with little text.

Finally, we want to create some kind of joy and ownership for our readers, so that they can procure vast repertoires from limited supplies and make professional quality drinks in their own homes.

Here to help you serve yourselves.

The Cocktail Vultures.